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John Davidson on Fullness of Salvation


John Davidson (1550-1604) was a Presbyterian minister in the Scottish town of Prestonpans, East Lothian. Fervent in his preaching of the Gospel, he boldly placed his life at risk for the cause of Christ. He is remembered for his generosity as well as for the evident power of the Holy Spirit in his ministry. 


"Q. Then the salvation of man is so fully wrought and perfectly accomplished by Christ in his own person, that nothing is left to be done or wrought by us in our persons, to be any cause of the least part thereof? 


"A. That is most certain."


Mr. John Davidson's Catechism, Edin. edit. 1708, p. 15.


"So we are perfectly saved by the works which Christ did for us in his own person, and no ways by the good works which he works in us, with and after faith. [Marg. Here is the main point and ground of our disagreement with the Papists.] 


"Rests, then, anything for us to do after that we are perfectly justified in God's sight by faith in Christ? 


"Disciple. Yes, very much; albeit no ways to merit salvation; but only to witness, by the effects of thankfulness, that we ARE truly SAVED." 


Ibid. p. 46, 48, 49.



The Marrow of Modern Divinity (part I. The Covenant of Works & The Covenant of Grace), by Edward Fisher, with notes by Thomas Boston. The above lines were quoted by Mr Boston.