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        Robert Murray McCheyne's poem on seeking God


Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and missionary who worked tirelessly for the conversion of his fellow-countrymen to Christ, and for the evangelisation of the Jews and other peoples of the Middle East. He was long remembered for his piety and Christian behaviour. By his words and works he manifested a great love for his God, for his brethren and for the perishing multitudes around him.



I will arise and seek my God,

And, bowed down beneath my load,

     Lay all my sins before Him;

Then He will wash my soul from sin,

And put a new heart me within,

     And teach me to adore Him.


O ye that fain would find the joy -

The only one that wants alloy -

     Which never is deceiving;

Come to the Well of Life with me,

And drink, as it is proffered, free,

     The gospel draught receiving.


I come to Christ, because I know

The very worst are called to go;

     And when in faith I find Him,

I'll walk in Him, and lean on Him,

Because I cannot move a limb

     Until He say, "Unbind him."




“Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray McCheyne” by Andrew A. Bonar. D.D. Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, 1891. pp 28, 29.