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Psalm 13


[Recommended tunes: Cheshire, St Kilda, Martyrdom]


To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.


1How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?

shall it for ever be?

O how long shall it be that thou

wilt hide thy face from me?

2How long take counsel in my soul,

still sad in heart, shall I?

How long exalted over me

shall be mine enemy?


3O Lord my God, consider well,

and answer to me make:

Mine eyes enlighten, lest the sleep

of death me overtake:

4Lest that mine enemy should say,

Against him I prevail'd;

And those that trouble me rejoice,

when I am mov'd and fail'd.


5But I have all my confidence

thy mercy set upon;

My heart within me shall rejoice

in thy salvation.

6I will unto the Lord my God

sing praises cheerfully,

Because he hath his bounty shown

to me abundantly.

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