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But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law 

(Riccaltoun on Gal. 5:18)


Robert Riccaltoun (1691-1769), was minister of the (Presbyterian) Church of Scotland in Hobkirk, Roxburghshire. He wrote a review in support of the principles of the Marrow Men, in which he expounded the Covenant of Grace and the way of entering into this saving covenant namely, by faith in the Mediator, Jesus Christ.   


ouk este upo nomon. "They who 'are led by the Spirit,' of course, 'have the Spirit;' and none 'have the Spirit of Christ' but those who are 'his,' 'in him;' and all who are 'in him' are 'dead to the law by his body.'" "When it appears, by 'the fruits of the Spirit,' that men are thus 'in Christ,' the law has nothing to say to them: they are, as we may say, out of its jurisdiction, and under another government, where the measures of judgement, both in justifying and condemning, are altogether different. The law had its course on Jesus Christ, and, in him, on all who are 'made conformable to him in his death;' and has no more to say to them. They are left dead in the hands of their great Creator, and are quickened by his sovereignly free grace; for surely nobody will pretend that God was under any the least obligation to employ his creating power to raise any of the apostate race; and if He was bound to none, He may quicken whom He will; and none can complain of being injured when He leaves them where they have chosen to be.


"But this same sovereignty of grace, wherever it is exerted, is so far from inferring the conclusion, which some who reckon themselves very wise very ignorantly fasten upon it, to wit, that it encourages men to continue in sin, and neglect the study of holiness, – that it is absolutely impossible for those who have tasted of the grace of God in truth to draw any such conclusion from it. It is true, the external doctrine of grace may be, and has been, turned into wantonness; but that is only grace in the theory. But wherever it is received and entertained in the heart, it teaches what the law could never effectually teach, 'to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts.' The apostle gives the reason, Rom. vi. 2-11." – RICCALTOUN.



Galatians by John Brown, DD. Banner of Truth Trust 2001. Quotation fr. Robert Riccaltoun (Addenda, p 431).