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        A Letter from George Whitefield to Howell Harris


George Whitefield (1714-1770) was one of the greatest preachers of all time; he was used by God to usher in the tremendous revivals which shook the very foundations of 18th century British and American life. In 34 years Mr Whitefield preached 18,000 sermons to over 10,000,000 people. Although remaining within the structure of the (episcopalian) Church of England all his life, he associated with all who knew and loved the Lord Jesus Christ. A firm believer in the doctrines of grace and predestination, and in the power of Christ to save all who come to Him, Whitefield’s preaching was the means of conversion of thousands on both sides of the Atlantic.


To Mr. H – H –,

Edinburgh, Aug. 15, 1741.

My very dear Brother,

It would make your heart leap for joy, to be now in Edinburgh. I question if there be not upwards of 300 in this city seeking after Jesus. Every morning, I have a constant levee of wounded souls, many of whom are quite slain by the law. GOD’s power attends the word continually, just as when I left London. At seven in the morning, we have a lecture in the fields, attended not only by the common people, but persons of great rank. I have reason to think several of the latter sort are coming to JESUS. Little children also are much wrought upon. GOD much blesses my letters from the little orphans. He loves to work by the most contemptible means. O my dear brother, I am quite amazed, when I think what GOD hath done here in a fortnight. My printed journals and sermons have been blessed in an uncommon manner. I am only afraid lest people should idolize the instrument, and not look enough to the glorious JESUS, in whom alone I desire to glory. Congregations consist of many thousands. Never did I see so many bibles, nor people look into them, when I am expounding, with such attention. Plenty of tears flow from the hearers eyes. Their concern appears various ways. I preach twice daily, and expound at private houses at night, and am employed in speaking to souls under distress great part of the day. I have just snatched a few moments to write to my dear brother. O that GOD may enlarge your heart to pray for me. This afternoon I shall preach out of town, and also to-morrow. Next post, GOD willing, you shall have another letter. I walk continually in the comforts of the Holy Ghost. The love of CHRIST quite strikes me dumb. O grace! grace! Let that be my song. Adieu. My dear fellow-traveller joins with me in hearty love to you all. I must away.

Ever yours in CHRIST,

G. W.




Letter 348, "George Whitefield's Letters", Banner of Truth Trust, 1976, pp 315, 316.